Worker Schedule

Thank you for volunteering to work in the rings at CPE Nationals! Your help will be pivotal in running a fun, successful, and efficient event.

The volunteer schedule published here reflects changes in entries as of 5/29. Please know that every effort was made to schedule you in positions indicated as a preference, and to be as fair as possible across exhibitors who volunteered to help. Please see job descriptions posted by the CPE office if you have questions about what a position entails ( ).

Compliments on the schedule may be posted anywhere you like!! Changes or issues will be accepted via email only through Monday, June 3 to Changes after that point will be handled at the event.

Be aware that the final schedule may differ slightly from this version due to late withdrawals. Please always rely on the schedules that will be posted around the facility at the event.

Thanks again, and see you in Wisconsin next week!

Update 6/3/19

The attached files (one for each day) reflect multiple changes to the last schedule we posted. The changes were due to teams withdrawing from nationals, errors, or requests.

THESE ARE THE FINAL VERSIONS that will be used at the trial*. Look for the schedule to be posted around the arena in at least a couple of places.

*We have one slot open Friday and one Saturday, and a handful of open slots open Sunday, all indicated in yellow highlight. If you are able to fill these spots, email Spots will be filled on a first received basis with confirmation to those who are scheduled but you must be in the group designated to work in that ring/rotation to be assigned.

Link to FRIDAY worker schedule
Link to SATURDAY worker schedule
Link to SUNDAY worker schedule