RV Information

Dear CPE Nationals Camper:

We are a week away from CPE Nationals, and unfortunately, I am writing to tell you that the Cedar Lake Speedway has failed in their agreement to supply power to the RVs. To say that the host club is disappointed would be an enormous understatement, as we had been working for many months on the arrangements. We won't go into all the details, but at this point we have limited options and need to hear back from you ASAP as to what will work for you. If you can do so, please bring a generator.

Dry camping: You may dry camp anywhere on the grounds. We will not restrict generator use; given the weather forecast, you may not need to run AC. There are nearly 1,000 sites on the grounds, and more than 100 near the arena. We will spread you out as much as you want.

Local campgrounds: If you are pulling a trailer, you may want to choose this option. There are two campgrounds and we have blocked spots for CPE. They do have power/water hookups. We would shred your RV reservation check in this case, but you would be responsible for camping costs at these campgrounds.

River's Edge Campground is aware of our situation. They have 30 open spots, and a free shuttle to the Speedway and will take dogs on the shuttle if you need it, at no charge. 715-247-3305 www.appleriver.com

Apple River Family Campground (confirming availability) 10 miles from Speedway 715-247-3600 -Ask to be put in the meadows section www.appleriverfamilycampground.com

In addition if you would like to rent a generator here are local rental places.

Express Lube & Rental
New Richmond/Hudson WI
715-246-2026 / 715-386-2806

Doyle's Farm and Home (Ace Hardware)
New Richmond, WI

Somerset Sales, Service, and Rental
Somerset, WI

Action Rental
Stillwater, MN
(651) 439-6592

We will not charge for any day parking if you are camped nearby and want to use your RV at the event site.

Please reply with your details to training@fkps.com, or by phone (Jason) 507-251-4809 ASAP. We really did everything we could, and we realize that you will be disappointed, and even angry, at this news. Please understand that the failure is not the part of the host club. We did our best and were let down at the last minute, the worst possible outcome. Of course, we will shred your check.

Most sincerely and with our deep regrets,
Chris Mosley Event chair, cpenationalschair@gmail.com
Jason and Natalie Faas-Gerber, RV coordinators